7 reasons adults should still be going to the dentist

7 reasons adults should still be going to the dentist - Blog banner 1

Only 51% of the UK adult population are still visiting the dentist as recommended (at least once every two years). 

That means around 22 million adults are at risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and worse.

With 62% of adults consuming soft drinks such as juice and carbonated drinks regularly, many prospective patients are likely out there in desperate need of a check-up.

Whether you’ve been avoiding the dentist simply because you’re afraid to attend or because you’re worried about unexpected, unpredictable costs, it’s worth noting that the consequences of avoiding long-overdue appointments could lead to devastating results.

If you need a little bit of convincing, check out our 7 biggest reasons as to why you should be visiting a dentist below.

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1). We can prevent tooth loss

Fully developed adults should have 32 teeth each. In reality, the average adult aged 20-64 only has 24.92. Many adults didn’t even know they had a growing problem before it was too late. 

Cavities and tooth decay often happen in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, tucked behind wonky teeth and emerging from the gums. Without the help of a professional dentist, the protective layer around the tooth can wear away and make you vulnerable to tooth loss. 

Although the loss of a tooth in the grand scheme of things certainly isn’t the end of the world, it can cause:

Visiting your local dental practice for regular check-ups can help remind and encourage you to take preventive measures to protect your teeth.

2). We also help monitor habits that are bad for your mouth and give guidance

Everybody knows that sweets aren’t great for teeth. 

However, there are a lot more foods that aren’t either. 

Acidic food such as citrus fruits, pasta sauce, and even pickles can break down tooth enamel and feed the bacteria that create cavities. When arriving at your dentist, you’ll often be asked about your eating habits and whether you drink a lot of juice – this is why. 

And that’s not all. Nail biting, brushing your teeth too hard, grinding your teeth together when you are stressed, and even using them to open a bottle are all bad habits likely to be the cause of oral pain (such as toothache) and chipped and damaged teeth.

It takes ten weeks to break a habit, and it’s ten times more difficult if you are doing it alone. Motivation can be hard, but dentists can help you figure out what unconscious habits pose a risk to your teeth.

3). We can detect gum disease and oral cancer in their early stages

The thought of cancer and disease can be terrifying, so any preventive measures to avoid difficult treatment always gets a thumbs-up in our books.

Thorough dental examinations allow us to check the health of your gums and the problem areas in your mouth. Sometimes x-rays are required, and they allow your dentist to spot trouble before you know it’s there. 

The earlier that any threats are caught, the better.

4). Regular check-ups reduce the risk of oral pain

Regularly visiting the dentist is great for your oral health.

Different eating habits can mean that some adults need a check-up every six months, whilst others may only need to go once every two years. At your appointment, dentists can clean your teeth thoroughly and significantly reduce the risk of emergency visits in the long run.

5). Impressive dental health can impact your overall health

Did you know that bad dental health can affect more than just your mouth? It can also affect:

That’s why your dentist will encourage essential tasks such as brushing and flossing.

6). Your teeth need protecting against general wear and tear

Getting older is only natural, as is weakening bones, hair loss, and receding gum lines.

Natural enamel around your teeth wears away as the years pass by, and looking after your dental health is essential to making the most of the moments that we all love: dinners with the family and sweets or cake after a long day.

Being able to chew food as you get older gives you a new level of independence and means you’re less likely to have to rely on other people around you.

7). We can professionally scale, polish, whiten and replace teeth

If you smoke, take strong medication, drink tea, or have specific genes – you might have slightly yellow teeth. This can often affect your confidence and make you feel embarrassed about your smile.

Here at Mola Dental in Sheffield, we understand that a considerable part of dental care is making our patients look and feel good about their smile. With certain private dental treatments such as scaling, polishing, and whitening, you can gain stronger self-esteem and a well-deserved confidence boost.

How Mola Dental can help you

We know people often feel anxious about going to the dentist, so we’ve put procedures in place at Mola Dental (our Hillsborough dental practice) to help you. 

If you’re starting to realize you need to get back to the dentist, we’re here to guide you from the very beginning of your new patient journey. 

To get started, or for further information on any of the treatments, services, and issues mentioned above, reach out to a member of the Mola Dental team today.


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