Root Canal

Root Canal In Sheffield

A root canal is a dental treatment where your dentist removes an infected nerve and dental pulp from within a tooth.
A root canal is performed under local anaesthetic. Some removal of the central part of the tooth may be required to access the nerve. When the nerve is removed, the root canals of the tooth are cleaned out and disinfected.

What Does The Treatment Involve?

Root canal therapy usually requires several appointments, the number will depend on which type of tooth is being treated. Between appointments, the tooth will be covered and temporarily restored.

Looking After Your Treated Tooth

If looked after properly, with regular brushing and flossing, your root canal treated tooth should stay trouble-free and provide a long-lasting repair. Even though the pulp has been removed, the tooth will stay intact because the canals have been sealed to prevent re-infection. Regular check-ups are also recommended so any problems can be detected early.

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