Manufactured in Sheffield, UK, Smilelign clear brace treatment is the only brace system who allow you to try before you buy. When you visit your Dentist to discuss your treatment plan, you will be presented with your pre-aligners. Find out how Smileign will work for you.

Lots of people want straight teeth, but no one wants to wear train-track style braces. The good news is that you don’t need those kinds of braces to make your teeth straight. Smilelign’s clear aligners straighten your teeth in much the same way that traditional braces do. The difference is that the transparent plastic brace system we use is virtually invisible.

Step One

Smilelign treatment is completed with a series of virtually invisible, removable aligners.

Step Two

The aligners are changed every two to four weeks for the next stage.

Step Three

The process can take as little as 10 weeks depending on the alterations required.

Step Four

Each aligner is carefully designed for your teeth and will move your them in very small increments little by little, week by week..

Step Five

You will wear the clear aligners until they have moved your teeth to the final position prescribed by your dentist.

Will It Affect My Lifestyle?

Designed specifically for you, Smilelign moves your teeth in small stages until they have reached the final desired position.
Teeth straightening with clear braces are tailored individually for you. They are as slimline and as comfortable as possible. You will be able to undertake any work duties very easily. Any minor speech issues or discomfort only last a couple of days. You can remove the aligners easily for a short space of time for an important meeting or event. There are no ugly brackets or wires like conventional braces, meaning you can still feel confident. Smilelign clear braces can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing, so they don’t require additional hygiene appointments.

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